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Negligence seems to everywhere in our present times. Even though we have several regulatory agencies and safety rules in place to protect consumers, it doesn’t seem avoidable. It’s in products, behavior and even on the road. Negligence leads to injuries and possible compensation. Injuries can cause health problems, treatment costs, loss of work and stress. There are different types of settlements for injuries.

  • Slip and Fall Settlement: This type of settlement takes place when a person slips and falls on another person’s property resulting in an injury. Usually the fall takes place during a dangerous situation such as improper snow removal,  a wet floor or no handrail. Usually, the injured person receives compensation for medical care, time loss from work and possibly pain.
  • Car Accident Settlement: When injured during a car accident and the other driver is at fault, compensation is usually rewarded in the form of your car being repaired. But in the case of medical injury, other factors come into play such as therapies, prescription drugs, a rental car and medical care.
  • Product Settlement: If a product is faulty in some way and causes injury, the manufacturer could be held responsible for compensation of the consumer. If a consumer receives a shock by an electronic device and is burnt and it is later determined the product is defective, that consumer may be entitled to compensation.
  • Prescription Drug Settlement: Many times when a new prescription comes into the market, there are unexpected side effects. Drug testing is carried out but side effects such as pregnancy complications, hypertension, heart issues and pulmonary issues sometimes do not surface until years after the consumer has started taking the drug. The users of the drugs found to have serious side effects or permanent injuries are usually entitled to a settlement.

This article cannot begin to encompass all types of settlements. The best thing to do if you sustain an injury and feel it’s at the fault of another is to consult an attorney. Many attorneys will listen to a brief synopsis of your case and give their opinion, if they feel you have a case for a nominal fee or for free. If you have medical bills or have lost time from work due to an injury, then chances are, you will receive compensation from the person at fault. Many times a slip and fall settlement and other settlements can be negotiated outside the courtroom, between attorneys and the parties never even have to enter a court room but sometimes when a settlement is not agreed upon, a judge or jury must decide.

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